Hello there,
I'm Britton.
About Me

It's nice to meet you! There's a couple reasons you may be looking through my personal website. Either you're a client that came from Empac Design or you're a company that I submitted my information to and would love to work on your team. Whichever camp you came from, I appreciate you taking the time to learn a little more about me. Well, here's the scoop on what I'm all about:

I got into design back when I was a teenage race car driver. I jumped into a go-kart when I was 13 years old and absolutely loved it. Fortunately, I was good enough to make my way through the racing ranks into larger vehicles such as mini-sprints, sprint cars, and stock cars. I was good enough at racing that I've been invited to compete in the Red Bull Driver Search and test with a few race teams in California. However, none of the racing came cheap. I had to find ways to raise money for the racing team and the best way to do it was through sponsorships.

I didn't have the money to drop thousands of dollars on the Adobe suite, so I decided to pirate a version of Photoshop. I learned how to design my own decals, sponsorship package, tee shirts, and much more. Eventually, we bought a domain name and I started figuring out how to put together a website. Through my design efforts, I was able to effectively brand myself and earn sponsorships from companies such as Lexus of Bellevue, Northwest Motorsports, and others.

Eventually, the day came where I had to get a real job. I submitted one resumé to the Apple Store in Tacoma. I thought to myself "If I needed to earn money, I might as well try getting a job at a company I aspire to work for." I went through a rigorous interview process and got the job. While I was working at Apple, I continued working on design projects on the side through the alias Emerald Pacific Outfitters. EP Outfitters was created as an action sports brand that promoted northwest athletes and sold graphic tees and hoodies. If you look hard enough, there are still remnants of those "rebellious" designs I made back in the day. It's truly incredible how different my design aesthetic is now compared to how it was back then.

There's been a lot of changes over the last five years. EP Outfitters has turned into Empac Design, I was invited to a graphic and web design internship with Apple, and I've worked with some of the most amazing companies in the Pacific Northwest. At the moment, I'm finishing up my marketing degree at the University of Washington and looking for teams and companies to work with. In the long run, I see myself working towards a creative director, art director, or marketing management role. What makes me stand out compared to other folks in my field is that I have experience working on design projects, development projects, and marketing projects. This means I can communicate cross functionally and make sure the development folks are implementing our designs correctly, internal stakeholders have an understanding of what is going on, and designers feel like they're being heard and understood. I've seen so many companies silo all these teams and all it does is create conflict and slow down the project.

Well, that's a little about me! This website houses all kinds of work samples and projects for you to explore. The perk in learning about my experiences here is that I can be much more detailed about my process compared to what can be learned through a resumé. One page of cliff notes talking about my experience simply isn't enough. I hope you enjoy learning more about my experiences, projects, and little nuggets of information about me and things I love to do.

My Skills

There's all kinds of things and programs I am confident working with. There's the typical programs such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint that I'm confident working with. Personally, I prefer working with Apple's version of the Microsoft suite. So I can make some great documents in Pages, spreadsheets in Numbers, and presentation decks in Keynote. In regard to the more advanced things, I feel confident working on design projects, development projects, marketing projects, or a mix of any and all of those mediums.

Design Icon

I have a deep understanding of different design aspects including:

• Color Theory
• Composition
• Layout
• Iconography
• Typography

My projects usually fall within one of these categories:

• Advertising
• Branding
• Graphic Design
• Visual Design
• Web Design

I am confident working with these design programs:

• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe InDesign
• Adobe Muse
• Sketch

Website Icon

I'm experienced working and writing with front-end programming languages including:

• CSS3
• Javascript
• JQuery

I'm also capable of developing things in the back-end as well. The programming languages I can write in include:

• Java
• Python

When developing websites, these are some of the tools I use to get things done:

• Adobe Dreamweaver
• Adobe Experience Design

I've also developed websites that have required a CMS or E-Commerce shop. Some of these platforms include:

• Wordpress
• Shopify
• SquareSpace
• Adobe Experience Manager

Fun Fact

I was initially a computer science major at the University of Washington. I was a year into the program when I was invited by Apple to be a graphic and web design intern in their IS&T Division in early 2016. After the internship, it was recommended to me by multiple project and program managers that I pursue marketing since I was effective in commuting between the design and development team.

Marketing Icon

I'm experience with different aspects of marketing including:

• Advertising
• Branding
• Search Engine Optimization
• Social Media Marketing
• Strategy

Fun Fact

I am certified in Google Analytics. I passed the AdWords Fundamentals and Search exams to get my certification. The year before that, I earned my certification by passing the Display Ads exam.

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My Travels

I love traveling. There's multiple times throughout the year I love to get out and explore. With my trusty iPhone in hand, I get to work taking photos and documenting my travels. I usually bring the photos into Lightroom and start messing around with them. There's been so much love for the photos that I felt like it was necessary to throw them up on this website.


T-Mobile Logo

Web Designer
June 2017 - Present
Bellevue, WA

I started out as a summer intern and moved into a part-time role while finishing up my degree. My responsibilities at T-Mobile are to design modules and experience that go on T-Mobile.com. I've worked on numerous projects including MLB All-Star Weekend, Samsung and LG deals, product launches, and more.

During my internship, I was in charge of the design, and creative direction, of a project involving targeted messaging and coverage. The goal of the project was to improve brand perception by creating more personalized and targeted experiences pertaining to the location and interests of prospects viewing the page. I was responsible for creating content, design, and working with the user experience team to test out creative through A/B testing.

Empac Logo

Empac Design
Freelance Visual Designer
October 2010 - Present
Lake Tapps, WA

My freelance design company where I offer graphic design, web design, and branding solutions for small businesses and non-profits.

Apple Logo

Apple Inc
Graphic/Visual Designer
January 2016 - May 2016
Cupertino, CA

During my time in Cupertino, I designed and built product guides, internal communications, training materials, presentations, and a web-based app that reached retail stores, project managers, and program managers. All these projects served to align internal branding and optimize cross-functional communications.

When I wasn't working on communication assets, I offered support to the UX team on usability tests they were conducting for an internal website redesign. I gathered and analyzed the feedback from test participants to help the UX team drive design decisions for future iterations of the website.

Sales Specialist
May 2012 - October 2016
Tacoma, WA

My role at the Tacoma Apple Store was to connect customers with solutions to their technological needs. These solutions ranged anywhere from students needing a computer for college to businesses needing workstations for their employees.

L2R Logo

L2R Snowboards
Graphic/Visual Designer, Marketing
July 2011 - April 2015
Federal Way, WA

My responsibilities were to raise brand awareness, build relationships with key distributors and nonprofits, coordinate co-branding efforts with other small northwest companies, and collaborate with the L2R team to create and implement engaging marketing campaigns.

During my time at L2R, we were successful in raising awareness for the brand which resulted in the company being invited to the SIA Tradeshow and earning a PR spotlight in the SIA Tradeshow guide for 2014 and 2015.

Besides working on the marketing and brand direction, I also designed, built, and maintained the L2R website, online store, and social media channels.

Side Projects

HopeSparks Logo

Graphic Design, Digital Strategy
October 2015 - January 2016
Tacoma, WA

Donated time and resources to put together marketing materials such as rack card advertisements, business cards, and more. Connected with the marketing director and social media coordinator to create materials that aligned with brand and company standards and a marketing strategy for implementation.

First Tee Logo

The First Tee, South Puget Sound
Graphic Design
September 2015 - January 2016
Tacoma, WA

Donated time and resources to put together advertisements and flyers for various events for The First Tee including the 2015 US Open and the Harbottle Golf Classic. Connected with the Administrative Director and Executive Director to create materials that aligned with the marketing objectives of the organization while respecting brand and company standards set by The First Tee.



That's the gist of what I'm all about. If you enjoyed reading through my story and experience, reach out to me and let's have coffee sometime. I would love to learn more about you, your journey, your team, and how I can possibly help you in the future.

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